We are most leading and promising Calibration Service Provider in Nashik. RK is the reliable in the laboratory equipment calibration services.

We take our business to the best with the precision working of our experienced team.We work passionately to achieve our vision of fastest service network as well as cost effective.

We undertake calibration services of wide verify of instruments & we Provide NABL Certificate Valid for FDA / WHO / USFDA / ISO/TS/QS Inspection the calibrated item. We have standard instrument Laboratory Traceable to National Standards.

Reference Standard Maintained

Reference Standard Maintained
Slip gauge set Digital caliper “S” thermocouple (class –A)
Length bar Internal micro-checker “K” thermocouple (class –A)
Optical Flat Square block Universal calibrator
Optical parallel Standard foils Temperature data logger
Monochromic light source Slip gauge comparator Digital Pressure Gauges
Three wire pin set Dial calibration tester Electronic comparator
Humidity generator Electronic probe with DRO Standard humidity meter
Precision level Solid temperature bath Dead Weight Tester
Calibration of Profile projector Liquid temperature bath Pressure Comparator
Calibration of Sine bar Dry block furnace Digital Weighing Balances
Digital micrometer Pt–100 temperature sensor Reference Weights
Calibration of Universal calibrator Calibration of Sound level calibrator Multi-Function calibrator
Calibration of Master tachometer Calibration of Hardness blocks Current coils
Master stopwatch Calibration of Load cells 6 ½ Digital multimeter
Revolution source Digital Hardness tester 5 ½ Digital multimeter
Rubber hardness tester Tape and scale calibrator Resistance decade box
Torque wrench calibration system Data acquisition system Calibration of Torque wrench tester
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