Calibration for Pharmaceutical and Automobile industries

RK Technologies Calibration Services offers a full range of calibration and Equipment Validation services specifically targeted at the FDA, ISO, TS, Environment. Combining extensive Calibration and Validation Knowledge with ten years of experience in Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device markets, makes RK Technologies Calibration Services a valuable partner in supporting the unique equipment and audit requirements of the FDA environment. Our validation reports are generated by our high software to meet US FDA requirements and other compliance audits. NABL accreditation as well as GMP and based on such expertise experience we are helping pharmaceutical companies for calibration and validation and it is accepted by US FDA and all compliance audits.
Autoclave Rooms Refrigerators
Horizontal Autoclave Stability Chambers Cold Chambers
Oven Furnaces BOD Incubators
Incubators Tunnel HVAC Validation
Cold Chambers Deep Freezer Particle Count
Instrument Calibration
Thermo-Hygrometer Incubator Muffle Furnace
Weight Box (E2 Class and coarser) Hydrometer Dial gauge
Temperature controller / Indicator Magnahilic Gauge Pressure recorder
Autoclave Mapping Oven Anemometer
Micro pipettes Measuring scale Lux Meter
ORP Meter Manometer Hot-Wire anemometer
Temperature Mapping Glass thermometer Temperature recorder
Weighing balance Caliper Temperature transmitter
Data Loggers Pressure gauges Pressure Transmitter
Humidity Mapping Thermocouples / Temperature Sensor Humidity transmitter
Glass wares Wobble meter Test sieve
Safety Valve Compound gauges Dial Gauge