RK Technologies is a NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited Laboratory, under the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi, in accordance with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025: 2005.

We undertake calibration services of wide verify of instruments & we Provide NABL Certificate Valid for FDA / WHO / USFDA / ISO/TS/QS Inspection the calibrated item. We have standard instrument Laboratory Traceable to National Standards.

We offer an All Types of Electro-Technical ,Thermal ,Pressure ,Mechanical Equipment's Calibration & Validation Services As per Below Details

Pressure and Vacuum
Pressure Gauge Pressure Transmitter Pressure Recorder
Digital Pressure Gauge Vacuum Transmitter Compound gauge
Vacuum gauge Pressure Transducer Safety Valve
Digital Vacuum Gauge Vacuum Transducer Pressure Controller
Glass Thermometer “J” Type thermocouple Digital Temperature controller with RTD sensor
Digital Thermometer “K” Type thermocouple Digital Temperature indicator with RTD sensor
Digital Temperature controller with sensor COD Liquid temperature bath
Digital Temperature indicator with sensor Muffle Furnace Furnace
Temperature Recorder Oven BOD
Temperature Data Logger Incubator Freeze
Temperature Gauge Temperature bath Freezer
Digital Temperature Gauge Dry & Wet bulb thermometer Deep Freezer
RTD sensor Temperature transmitter Pt–100 sensor
Micrometer Thickness gauge B4 Cup
Digital Micrometer Dial thickness gauge B6 Cup
Point micrometer Digital thickness gauge Glass Scale
Spline micrometer Ultrasonic thickness gauge Radius gauge
Blade micrometer Feeler gauge Radius
Ball point micrometer Pin gauge Thread pitch gauge
Vernier caliper Measuring pin Pitch gauge
Dial Vernier caliper Pin Standard wire gauge
Digital vernier caliper Snap Gauge Wire gauge
Inside micrometer Dial snap gauge Straight edge
Internal micrometer Gap gauge Coating thickness gauge
Depth gauge I.D. Gauge Elcometer
Dial depth gauge Bore Gauge Foils
Digital depth gauge Dial Calibration tester Profile Projector
Thread plug gauge Sieve Microscope
Plain plug gauge Test sieve Measuring Scale
Height gauge Angle Measuring tape
Dial height gauge Angle Gauge Steel scale
Digital height gauge Angle protector Scale
Dial indicator Bevel protector Tape
Digital indicator Combination set Tape and Scale calibrator
Digital dial indicator Degree Protector Length bars
Dial indicator of bore gauge Flow Cup Standard length bar
Volt meter DC Volt meter Power meter
Ampere meter DC Ampere meter Energy Meter
Frequency meter Digital Volt meter Power factor meter
Resistance meter Digital Ampere meter PF meter
Multimeter FDecade box Frequency generator
Clamp meter Resistance Decade box DC volt source
Capacitance meter Milli Ohm Meter Power supply
Temperature controller kV Meter Temperature simulation
Temperature indicator mA Meter Temperature calibrator
Universal calibrator mV Meter Insulation tester
Calibrator PID controller Megger
Electrical Calibrator Thermocouple calibrator Digital Insulation tester
AC Volt meter RTD test kit Mega Ohm Meter
AC Ampere meter RTD calibrator Earth Tester
Weights Weighing balance Analytical weight box
Weight box
Hour meter Stop watch
Pipette Micro pipette Burette
Measuring cylinder Beaker Volumetric flask
Glassware’s Density cup Pyknometer
Force and Torque
Shore A Hardness Tester Shore D Hardness Tester Durometer
Rubber Hardness tester Torque wrench Screw driver
Dial torque wrench Digital torque wrench Time
Analytical Instruments
Oven BOD incubator Incubator
Weighing balance Weight box Weights
COD Water bath Freeze
Freezer Deep Freezer Autoclave
Temperature Humidity Mapping
Oven Incubator Autoclave
Warehouse Store room Dispatch room
Furnaces Muffle furnace BOD Incubator
Environmental chamber Humidity chamber Humidity
Tachometer Digital Tachometer Non–Contact tachometer
RPM Meter Centrifuge RPM measurement
Speed Measurement Vibrator RPM Stroboscope
Laboratory Instruments
Oven BOD incubator Incubator
Weighing balance Weight box Weights
COD Water bath Freeze
Freezer Deep Freezer Microscope
Glass wares Pipette Burette
Measuring cylinder Centrifuge Micro pipette
Test sieve Data logger Autoclave
Thermo–Hygrometer Humidity controller Humidity chamber
Vernier caliper Dial Vernier caliper